The Earth is dying

If we zoom out ourselves from the Earth to the Space, what we see is the beautiful blue planet Earth, where it is a living being consists of complex interconnection of many things happening simultaneously. The Earth provides the place for the web of life to survive and strive. It is its own unique web of life.

In 1992, more 1,700 scientists including notable living Nobel laureates signed & initiated a petition called “World’s Scientists Warning to Humanity” where it shows 9 real data in time-series graph from the effect of environment destruction ranging from ozone depletion, marine life depletion, ocean dead zones, deforestation, biodiversity destruction, climate change, human population growth and freshwater availability.

25 years later, in 2017 they released The Second Notice updating the current status of all the 9 important data. Humanity has managed to solve ozone depletion but failed to curb the other 8 parameters which can lead to serious irreversible damage to our Earth. The Second Notice is the most cosigned journal article cosigned by scientists ever published, with more than 15,000 scientists including Nobel laureates from 184 countries.

In Malaysia, almost every week there were the endless stream of news on humans and corporations contaminating the earth in all angle. Adding this up to the 2017 petition by world’s scientists, it is fair to say that the earth is now deteriorating into certain threshold where something bad is going to happen. Bad in a very big scale.

The age of our earth has been a very long 4.54 billion years, and if the same deteriorating pattern is moving at the same speed, the threshold towards something bad will happen seems scarily near. The scale of how bad things will be, is directly proportional to our effort put into important problems that need to be solved. This is the real reality, and it is not fiction anymore.

The reason why Rivil exists at the first place, is to try our very best to help address one of the problem from the 8 parameters identified in The Second Notice, in our own capacity as a company. We have decided to focus on freshwater availability, which translates directly into our mission; to help accelerate access to freshwater at affordable cost.

Availability of freshwater is crucially important, and it needs to be solved to ensure sustainability of our complex web of life and its only place called Earth.

Where there is water, there is life.