Notable Portfolios

Advanced Technology

Atmospheric Water Generator

We learn and adapt from nature’s own rain process. In nature water cycle, we mimicked the process of condensation, where the process is at the core of formation of the beautiful clouds & rain.




Machines DAILY capacity to provide drinkable water


Constructions, Offshore Applications 
50, 500 & 5,000 liter/day 15-2,500 people


Hotels in Islands, Hospitals, Clinics
500 & 4,500 liter/day 150-2,500 people


Domestic Use
50 & 200 liter/day 15-100 people

Zero-Waste AWG Machine

Mother-Nature Friendly

At anytime, there are around 12,900 trillion liter of water contained in the air all over the world. Condensing water from humidity in the air produces ZERO WASTE as the water in the atmosphere is a natural renewable water. The condensation of the water vapor is the natural phenomenon that leads to the rain, thanks to the temperature gaps between air and the ground By reproducing this phenomenon, our generators allow the exploitation of this renewable source of water that, unlike water purifying systems by desalination, produces ZERO WASTE

Lower cost than bottled water

Lower cost than supplying water in tanks

Lower investment than desalination